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Official Website of the reservation department of Les Orres (Hautes Alpes – South Alps - France)

The holidays on offer are sold by the central reservations office of SEMLORE named CENTRALE DE RESERVATION DES ORRES, a local tourist organisation and guaranteed by the professional association for solidarity in tourism (A.P.S.T - 15 avenue Carnot - 75017 Paris) covered by Professional Liability Insurance by AXA Assurance – Cabinet Bertrand Philippe – BP No. 11 – O5500 St Bonnet – policy no. 1251694705 which covers liability in accordance with the terms of law no. 92-645 of 13th July 1992 and the application decree cited above.

All information and prices are given for reference only and cannot commit the responsibility of the reservation department.

According to the computer and freedom law of 06/01/78 you have the right to alter or delete data and information about yourself at the reservation department of Les Orres : centraleresa@lesorres.com

Right of access to the Website reservation.lesorres.com
•    The information must be only used to personal, associative, or professional purposes; any uses for commercial purpose is strictly forbidden.
•    Graphics, photos, videos and multimedia cannot be copied without previous agreement.
•    The booking website of Les Orres allows hypertext links pointing to its pages under conditions: the pages of the website must not be inside pages of another website but visible by opening an independent window.  The source that will point out thanks to a hypertext link directly on the targeted content must be précised.
•    This authorization does not concern in any case, the websites that broadcast racism pornographic, xenophobia, polemical or hurt somebody’s feelings.



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Booking center of Les Orres

The booking center of Les Orres is your privileged interlocutor to organize your holidays in LES ORRES.
But it is NOT ONLY accommodation ! Our team is here to ease your life, from the booking to the reception of your accommodation keys.

  • Easy : collect all your services at the delivery of your keys.

  • Fast : Skipasses, ski rental... All is set to enjoy your holiday as soon as you arrive.

  • Economic : Maxi offers, mini-prices (depending on the periods).

Enjoy your holidays, don’t bother with the rest ! 
Discover our services : NO stress for a total delight !